polish notes

Delicious dinner with friends.

Beef tartare, The Alchemist, Warsaw

Burrito with cauliflower, beans, peppers, and guacamole

Dos Tacos, Warsaw

📺 📽 Ted Lasso (2020) - ★★★★★

took myself on a date, with Ted Lasso 🥰 😂

Cup of tea

Winning dinner, exam session passed, I’m free again!!!

This is bagel with egg, avocado, bacon at the Norblin Factory, Warsaw

Roger That Foods, my favourite burgers. Mokotów, Warsaw.

big burger

Great night with friends ❤️ 🍺

Love these burgers 💚 #RogerThatFoods

🍕Pizza time (with pineapple) ❤️